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We have highly qualified professionals to help you solve your problems through Counseling and Psychotherapy. Our empathetic Professionals will hear all your emotional and behavioral problems and help you come out of it and lead a happy and purposeful life.
We Provide:
Individual Counseling
Pre-Marital Counseling
Couples/Marriage/Relationship Counseling
Pre-Separation or Divorce Counseling

Our Professionals are experienced in conducting Psychological Assessments which helps in identifying and providing effective treatment for various Psychological Disorders. This includes the following:

Child & Adult 
Developmental assessment for children
Autism Spectrum

All the programs are conducted by psychologists who are well trained facilitators and have a passion for learning and sharing.

For Corporate
Gain Insights into your Goals
Know your Strengths & Weaknesses

The “Psychologist” Psychological Counseling Centre’s at
Chennai:- 9786901830
Panruti:- 9443054168
Pondicherry:- 9865212055 (Camp)

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