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September 22, 2011

Psychological Counselling for Divorce Prevention

 divorce counseling in chennai

Divorce Prevention 
Ø  When couples are either in the process of divorce, or have seriously considered it as an option, it may seem like little or no hope for relational improvement is possible.
Ø  Such couples are usually in need of “emotional open-heart surgery” if change is going to occur.
Ø  “The Psychologist” Psychological Counseling Center offers hope and healing for couples who despite being at divorce’s door, want to give their relationship the proverbial “one last chance”.
Ø  Throughout intensive outpatient 1 to 2 week counseling therapy, or weekly sessions aimed at getting to core issues as quickly and deeply as possible, many couples are able to get past stuck points in their communication and conflict resolution, heal long-standing relational hurts, find forgiveness, restore trust, and experiences increases in relational satisfaction for which they had long given up hope.
Ø  If someone you know is seeking a place to give their troubled relationship a chance and avoid the trauma of divorce, please contact PPCC  to know  more information about “Divorce Prevention.”

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