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November 23, 2011

Avoidant personality disorder - Psychological Counselling at Pondicharry, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Avoidant personality disorder

 personality disorder counseling in chennai

Avoidant personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a lifelong pattern of feeling very shy, inadequate, and sensitive to rejection.

  • People with avoidant personality disorder can't stop thinking about their own shortcomings.
  • They form relationships with other people only if they believe they will not be rejected.
  • Loss and rejection are so painful that these people will choose to be lonely rather than risk trying to connect with others.


 personality problem counseling in chennaiFirst, people with these disorders usually do not seek treatment on their own. They tend to seek help once their behavior has caused severe problems in their relationships or work, or when they are diagnosed with another psychiatric problem, such as a mood or substance abuse disorder. In some cases, medications can be a useful addition to therapy.

Although personality disorders take time to treat, there is increasing evidence that certain forms of Talk therapy, Psychological Counseling, Psychotherapy can help many people.

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