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May 29, 2013

Family Problems Specialty Counseling and Guidance at Chennai,

 best counseling clinic for family problems in chennai

Family Problems Counseling and Guidance

We provide Counseling, Guidance and Therapy for following Family Problems
Ø  Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or phobias
Ø  Illness
Ø  Favoring or disfavoring family members
Ø  Anger
Ø  Extra marital affaire,
Ø  Co-dependence
Ø  Domestic violence
Ø  Unwanted separation due to job or personal demands
Ø  Addiction
Ø  Children leaving home
Ø  In-law challenges
Ø  Infidelity
Ø  Intolerance of differences
Ø  Problems with step-family life
Ø  Teen issues
Ø  Inability to manage or resolve conflicts
Ø  Over-dependency or extreme autonomy
Ø  Communication problems
Ø  Financial difficulties or excesses
Ø  Resentments
Ø  Unwanted pregnancy.
Ø  Divorce
Ø  Step families
Ø  Sexual abuse
Ø  Chronic crises or unexpected upheavals
Ø  Inadequate problem solving skills
Ø  Sexual Relationships,
Ø  Doubt
Ø  Disruption after separation or divorce or a new partner moving in
Ø  Problems with adolescents or older children

Our Specialty
  • Basically our Counselor is a Medical Doctor and Psychologist, So its very easy to understand Physical problems and Disease related issues, This is our own Specialty than other  General Psychologist
  • One to One Counseling,
  • Maintaining Professional Secrecy
  • Online and Phone Support,
  • Priority to Problems,
  • Good listening Skills
  • Good Understanding Skills,
  • No Urgency,

If you have any family problems
If you want to consult a experienced Counselor & Psychologist
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Whom to contact for  Family Problem Counseling
Dr.Senthil Kumar, Consulting Homeopath & Psychologist, provides counselling for Family Issues. In his 14 years of Medical professional & Psychological Counseling experience with successful results. Many couples feels free from the problems after taking Counseling & Therapy from Dr.Senthil Kumar.  Dr.Senthil Kumar visits Chennai, at  The Psychologist Counseling Centre, 83,First Floor, Velachery Railway Station Road, Very Next to Velachery Railway Station, Velachery, Chennai 42, To get appointment please call 9786901830 or mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com,

If you suffer with any marriage related issues feel free to contact us

The “Psychologist” Psychological Counseling Centre’s at
Chennai:- 9786901830
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Panruti:- 9443054168
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Call: +91 9786901830, +91 9443054168

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