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May 30, 2013

Low Self Esteem Specialty Psychological Counseling in Chennai,

 low self esteem counseling clinic in chennai

Low Self Esteem 
Self–esteem is how you think and feel about yourself; this may be positive, negative or move between the two points.  This usually dictates how you live your life and the decisions you make  and how you view others too.

Symptoms of Low Self Esteem
Ø  Feeling low or down, which can lead to depression
Ø  Becoming withdrawn from social situations or activities
Ø  Avoiding situations of judgement, such as a competition, and as mentioned above, missing opportunities because they do not feel good enough to succeed.
Ø  Feeling anxious or helpless
Ø  Feeling isolated and lonely
Ø  Feeling unable to cope or manage in certain situations.
Ø  Feeling inadequate to perform certain tasks or skills
Ø  Feeling worthless
Ø  Feeling incompetent and unrealistic about our abilities
Ø  Feeling unloved
Ø  Being overwhelmed with fear and negative thoughts
Ø  Being unrealistic about goals
Ø  Being drawn into destructive relationships
Ø  Fear of change
Ø  Distorted views of self and others.
Ø  Social withdrawal
Ø  Anxiety and emotional turmoil
Ø  Lack of social skills and self confidence. Depression and/or bouts of sadness
Ø  Less social conformity
Ø  Eating disorders
Ø  Inability to accept compliments
Ø  An Inability to see yourself 'squarely' - to be fair to yourself
Ø  Accentuating the negative
Ø  Exaggerated concern over what you imagine other people think
Ø  Self neglect
Ø  Treating yourself badly but NOT other people
Ø  Worrying whether you have treated others badly
Ø  Reluctance to take on challenges
Ø  Reluctance to put yourself first or anywhere.
Ø  Reluctance to trust your own opinion
Ø  Expecting little out of life for yourself.

Don’t Worry, Solutions are here for Low Self Esteem

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Our Specialty
  • Basically our Counselor is a Medical Doctor and Psychologist, So its very easy to understand Physical problems and Disease related issues, This is our own Specialty than other  General Psychologist
  • One to One Counseling,
  • Maintaining Professional Secrecy
  • Online and Phone Support,
  • Priority to Problems,
  • Good listening Skills
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  • No Urgency,

Whom to contact for  Low Self Esteem Counseling
Dr.Senthil Kumar, Consulting Homeopath & Psychologist, provides counselling for Complex Issues especially Low Self Esteem. In his 14 years of Medical professional & Psychological Counseling experience with successful results. Many peoples feels free from the problems after taking Counseling & Therapy from Dr.Senthil Kumar.  Dr.Senthil Kumar visits Chennai, at  The Psychologist Counseling Centre, 83,First Floor, Velachery Railway Station Road, Very Next to Velachery Railway Station, Velachery, Chennai 42, To get appointment please call 9786901830 or mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com,

If you suffer with any Low Self Esteem & Complex related issues feel free to contact us

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