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July 5, 2013

Rett’s Disorder

Rett’s Disorder
It is a condition characterized by apparently normal, near- normal early development followed by partial or complete loss of acquired hand skills and of speech, together with deceleration in head growth, usually beginning between 7 and 24 months of age. It has so far been reported only in girls.

The following features are often suggestive of the presence of Rett’s Disorder:
v  There may be decrease in the child’s head growth
v  There may be loss of previously acquired purposeful hand skills with the subsequent development of stereotyped hand movement such as hand-wringing or hand washing.
v  There is a loss of social engagement.
v  The child may find it difficult to walk properly.
v  There may be appearance of poorly coordinated trunk movements.
v  Impairments may be seen in the child’s use of language and motor functions.
v  The child may not be able to chew his food properly.
v  There may be a failure to gain bowel and bladder control.
v  Excessive drooling and protrusion of the tongue may be present

v  There may be a loss of social engagement


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