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July 3, 2013

Sex Therapy at Psychologist Counseling Center, Velachery, Chennai, Tamilnadu

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Sex Therapy
Sex therapy helps to learn the sex education, sexual dysfunction for male and female,  Romance, Love and intimacy.

The resolution of these issues is fundamental to all of our lives.
ü  Is the sexual area develops fear  to you?
ü  Have any issues in your sexual relationship?
ü  Do you face problems in erections, premature ejaculation or not reaching orgasm?

Almost all types of sexual problems are very common in many people’s sexual lives.

Sometimes good sex education, resolving conflict, or giving specific information are an essential part of helping individuals and couples improve the sexual part of their lives.

 best sex therapy clinic in chennaiOften there is confusion between the word intimacy and sex. Healthy sexuality is achievable by any of us.

The programs at Psychologist Counseling Center  are developed to provide skills and knowledge to make substantial changes in the sexual lives of people who come to Psychologist Counseling Center for help.

Sex therapy includes the evaluation and treatment of deficits in sexual self-image, as well as the spiritual aspects of sex, to create and sustain a positive and healthy sexual relationship. Both individuals must see themselves as worthy of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. This is frequently a spiritual issue profoundly tied to the individual’s sense of self-worth.

Many couples lack the knowledge or even a common language for discussion about sexual issues. Hope is a reality by getting help in this area.

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