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September 18, 2014

How to overcome from Anxiety Disorders Counseling & Treatment Clinic in Chennai, Tamil nadu

 how to overcome from anxiety anxiety treatment specialist doctor chennai anxiety clinic

Question: Dear doctor, I’m Ram 25 years old. I feel very anxious sometimes. I feel nervous to talk to people and I cannot stand and talk in front of many people. If something unexpected exam/ test announced in the class I feel so tensed/ scared and really worried- thinking that I might fail. I’m not confident myself. I don’t have this problem during my school days. I don’t know suddenly I’m very weak. Is this an Anxiety disorder? What can I do for this problem? Is there any medicine to overcome my problem? Whether psychological counseling helps these issues?

Doctor Answer: Everyone feels anxious sometimes – worried or afraid of something happening, or obsessed about something happening in a certain way. When that fear or anxiety becomes something that gets in the way of your life (school or work, relationships, ability to enjoy things or cope), doesn’t go away and causes you distress, that is when it could be a more serious anxiety disorder.

There are different types of Anxiety disorder. They are;
¬  General anxiety - is anxiety or worry that is not specific to any one thing but can be about anything and everything.
¬  Social anxiety disorder - involves a fear of being in public situations where people might judge you if you do something embarrassing or humiliating.                                                          
¬  Panic attacks - are a sudden overwhelming feeling of uneasiness, fear or terror, where it feels like you might have a heart attack, go mad or die. Panic disorder is having repeated panic attacks and being worried about future panic attacks.                                                                  
¬  Agoraphobia - is anxiety about being in situations from which escape might be difficult or embarrassing if you have a panic attack. Specific  phobias involve intense and ongoing fear of particular objects or situations such as tunnels or dogs.                                                                                                                                                                
¬  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - is an anxiety disorder triggered by a major traumatic event, such as being, being attacked or in an accident, or things like sexual assault. It involves upsetting memories, flashbacks, nightmares,, and difficulties sleeping.

Some of the signs and symptoms of Anxiety disorders are: When you often feel fear or worry, Your mind often races - so you can’t think straight, When you often can’t concentrate because of worry or fear, When you often feel on edge or nervous, When you sometimes panic or get upset easily when nervous. Physical signs sometimes include;  Heart pounding, tight chest or chest pain, or blushing or feeling hot,  dizzy, headache, sweaty, tingly, numb, dry mouth, stomach pain etc. You may experience just a few of these, or many more than that. It is different for everyone. The sign and symptoms of anxiety disorder which developed slowly to the person over obsessed and anxious about something.

The major causes of anxiety disorder are; A history of anxiety within family are more chances to get anxiety disorder, Anxiety disorder can also  caused by an imbalance of the chemicals in the brain that regulate feelings and physical reactions. It can alter our thoughts, emotions or behavior and result in anxiety. A stressful event or chain of events such as a family break-up, abuse, ongoing bullying at school, sexual abuse, a death, a relationship break up, family conflict can be stressful and lead to increased anxiety that sticks around.

You can consult a homeopathic Doctor to help you out. There are a number of treatments for the different anxiety disorders with Homeopathic medicines. If you’re worried or if you think you might have an anxiety problem, an expert Homeopathic Doctor will be able to help you figure out what’s going on. And also they will let you know what you can do to manage your problem or overcome Anxiety disorder.

Psychological Counseling and Homeopathy medicine treatment helps you to overcome from these issues,

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