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September 18, 2014

How to overcome from Superiority Complex, Specialty Counseling Clinic in Chennai, Tamil nadu,

 superiority complex specialty counseling center psychologist dr.sendhil kumar chennai, velachery, tamilnadu

Question: Dear Doctor, I’m 25 years old college student. I have a younger sister who always against me. Whenever I speak something she started arguing with me even in front of my friends and families. She think that she is always right in whatever she do.  It’s really difficult to adjust with her. She does things in her own way so, I felt really difficult to adjust with her. My parents also advised her a lot but she did not change her attitude. She is dominating everyone. She has some kind of superiority behavior. Is there any psychological counseling which can help this problem?

Doctor Answer: Everybody feels some kind of self-esteem that provides him/her the self-respect he has for himself in this world. Because the environment of human beings charges each individual to possess such dynamic self that helps a person to comfort himself in society. Its rewards being capable of allowing the members in the community to accord certain people their respects and thereby recognizing the worth these persons possess in a particular community. Some people always regard themselves as better than others. This is what we ascribe the psychiatric illness of Superiority Complex.

A superiority complex is a psychological disorder in which the affected individual experiences an exaggerated feeling of self-importance. He or she feels superior to other people and displays a general disregard for the thoughts of others. Individuals with a superiority complex often exhibit a sense of grandiosity. They typically maintain a feeling that they are better or more important than other people, and often fail to take the opinions or desires of others seriously. This disorder may also be referred to as narcissism or megalomania.

Traits of someone with a superiority complex include haughtiness, a lack of empathy, and a tendency to brag. Individuals with a narcissistic personality often have a difficult time maintaining close relationships. They exhibit an intense reaction to anything that is perceived as an insult. Someone with a superiority complex flatters those who give him or her admiral acknowledgment, but despise anyone who does not display admiration. The individual often claims to be an expert in a number of areas and pretends to be more than he or she is.

A superiority complex is generally the result of an underlying inferiority complex. The individual likely feels inadequate or unimportant in some way and attempts to compensate for this with an illusory superiority and egotism. If there is no underlying inferiority complex, the individual may have received such praise and admiration as a child that feelings of superiority carried over into adulthood. Other possible causes of a superiority complex include emotional abuse, excessive criticism, and overindulgence from parents. Individuals with superiority complexes will often interrupt people and generally have no regard for what others have to say. They tend to bring conversations around to themselves in a discussion, and frequently use the words “I,” “me,” and “my.” Those with a narcissistic personality believe that the rules do not apply to them and will often defy authority. People affected with this psychological condition will often use or manipulate others with no regard to their feelings.

However if they are actually very good at everything they do and actually are right most of the time this isn't superiority complex, it's just an inflated ego due to them succeeding so much. In which case they need to learn modesty and to be taught the value of socializing in a less obnoxious way. Simple remind them as they get older they will be more and more dependent on other people and explain how a community does something for all in that community. So to think less of those who supply your water or food, just because you are the best at everything is to be naive of the fact without those people you would struggle to do that which you love. But finally say if everyone is stupid rather than call them stupid, teach them how to be smart. Since you're so smart if nothing else works feeding their ego actually isn't a bad thing so long as it puts them in a position where they may realize their own incompetence and grow to respect others more.

The number of people suffering from superiority complex Disorders is many; they include would-be Presidents, Professors, Priests, and even distinguished Scientists. As there are more knowledge out there that they are ignorant about, it is supposed that soon they shall begin treating themselves when they get access to it.

Superiority complex can be cure if a he /she severe his contact with the groups that is the main source of indoctrinating young boys and girls in the society. The illness is contracted when a person attends their meetings and become well versed with their myths or ideologies, which are pre-scientific. The fanatics that originate these beliefs and ideologies are known to be always migrating. Since there are many things and histories concerning the origin of man that they do not know, it is surmised that with time and access to adequate knowledge these patients will begin treating themselves from the false ideologies that have occasion these disturbances or illness.

For the further psychological counseling you can consult a experienced psychologist.

Psychological counseling helps her to overcome these issues. 

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