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June 25, 2015

Aboulomania Psychological counseling centre in velachery

 Aboulomania Psychological treatment

Aboulomania: pathological indecisiveness
Aboulomania is a mental disorder is which the patient suffers from mental derangement by weakened willpower or pathological indecisiveness. Aboulomania is typically associated with anxiety, stress, depression and mental anguish. It can severely affect one's ability to function socially. In extreme cases, this can lead to suicide.

Symptoms of aboulomania:
v  Avoiding being alone.
v  Avoiding personal responsibility.
v  Becoming easily hurt by criticism or disapproval.
v  Becoming overly focused on fears of being abandoned.
v  Becoming very passive in relationships.
v  Feeling very upset or helpless when relationships end.
v  Having difficulty making decisions without support from others.
v  Having problems expressing disagreements with others.

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