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June 25, 2015

Erotomania Psychological counseling centre in Velachery

 Erotomania psychological counseling centre

Erotomania:- abnormally powerful sex drive
Erotomania is a type of delusion in which the affected person believes that another person, usually a stranger, high-status or famous person, is in love with them. The illness often occurs during psychosis, especially in patients with schizophrenia, delusional disorder or bipolar mania.

Erotomania or Clerambault’s Syndrome, is a psychological condition in which the affected person has delusions that the object of his or her affection feels the same toward him or her. This condition is otherwise known as love obsession. This obsession of love by the afflicted person toward the desired individual is intensified when the desired individual expresses his or her dislike in reciprocating the feelings showed by the afflicted person toward him or her. Therefore, due to the afflicted person’s desired to be with the one that they “love,” they tend to stalk their victims. Erotomanic delusions are seen in patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorders.

v  Delusions – this is the main symptom of this psychological condition
v  Harassing behavior – due to the fact that the afflicted wants to pursue the person they desire because they cannot accept that there is no romantic relationship that exists between the both of them, the afflicted resort to stalk their victim and might eventually harass them. Often the afflicted person acts like the both of them are having a normal romantic relationship because they send love letters, flowers, and chocolates and even make telephone calls.
v  Stalking – this symptom of erotomania can be expressed through special glances, signals, or mental telepathy.

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