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July 1, 2015

Agyrophobia psychology specialty counseling centre in velachery,Chennai,tamil nadu


Agyrophobia:- fear of sharp or pointed objects
Agyrophobia is the extreme and irrational fear that crossing a road or intersection will result in bodily harm to oneself. This phobia can be spurred by a wide variety of specific traumatic events or mental disorders. Unlike those with a normal sense of danger and fear, agyrophobics find reason to be terrified of roads and avoid them vehemently to a point that the disorder hinders their ability to accomplish normal, everyday activities.

These activities could include going to the grocery store, walking through a parking lot, or even going on a vacation in which there will be a significant amount of walking. Despite cues that should objectively assure the agyrophobic of his or her safety near a road or intersection, there is still an uncontrollable aversion to such an environment and is therefore thought to be completely independent of a phobia of cars.

Symptoms of Agyrophobia:
·    Feelings of dread or panic when presented with the prospect of nearing or crossing a road or intersection
·         Automatic or uncontrollable reactions to their fear
·         Rapid heartbeat
·         Shortness of breath
·         Trembling
·         Extreme avoidance of situations that involve roads

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