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July 3, 2015

Clinophobia psychology specialty counseling center in velachery,chennai,tamil nadu


Clinophobia:- fear of staying in bed
An abnormal and persistent fear of going to bed. Sufferers from clinophobia experience anxiety even though they realize that going to bed normally should not threaten their well-being. As with many other phobias, clinophobes recognize that their subject of their fear is not threatening, but they are unable to control their physical or psychological reaction to the stimulus that frightens them.

Symptoms of clinophobia:
Clinophobia can manifest itself in the form of anxiety or even panic attacks when the time comes to go to bed. One of the most frequent symptoms of this condition is insomnia, which aggravates the phobia by exhausting the body and mind of the clinophobic. The condition is accompanied by all the physical and mental phenomena associated with sleeping disorders like chronic fatigue, the difficulty to focus, inefficiency in work-related tasks, depression or impatience.

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