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July 8, 2015

Herpetophobia psychology specialty counseling center in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu

 Herpertophobia, fear of reptiles, fear of snakes

Herpetophobia:- fear of snakes
Herpetophobia is a common specific phobia, which consists of fear or aversion to reptiles, commonly lizards and snakes, and similar vertebrates as amphibians. It is one of the most diffused animal phobias, very similar and related to ophidiophobia.

Causes of Herpetophobia:
Herpetophobia is one such fear. Often times, the sufferers do not have any reason for fearing reptiles. Perhaps, the fear is just evolutionary. Early humans and cave dwellers often encountered snakes and other venomous, often, gigantic reptiles. The bite of these animals was almost always fatal. As a result; early humans stayed away from these creepy crawlers taking care to avoid trees, bushes, stones and rocks where these creatures normally dwelled.

Symptoms of Herpetophobia:
v  Irrational fear of reptiles
v  Feeling of panic
v  Feeling of terror
v  Feeling of dread
v  Rapid heartbeat
v  Shortness of breath
v  Trembling
v  Anxiety

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