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July 9, 2015

Kakorrhaphiophobia Psychology Specialty Counseling Center in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu

 Kakorrhaphiophobia, fear of failure

Kakorrhaphiophobia:- fear of failure
Kakorrhaphiophobia is an intense, irrational fear of failure or defeat. The person coping with this phobia may fear failure in every single side of their life and should feel that they must constantly show themselves as being better, more in a position and extra competent than others. A kakorrhaphiophobic individual might aggressively compete with peers, household members, co-workers and will obsessively search acknowledgment of their achievements. This morbid concern of failure can consume the phobic person-s each thought.

Causes of Kakorrhaphiophobia:
v  As is the case with all phobias, the person suffering from Kakorrhaphiophobia has experienced a real-life trauma at some point in their life.
v  Thereafter, when the phobic individual confronts any situation that even remotely reminds them of the trauma, their brain automatically signals a fight or flight reaction.
v  The most obvious cause of Kakorrhaphiophobia is an experience of failure.
v  Perhaps the individual dealing with this phobia also experienced severe consequences because of that failure.
v  Maybe the kakorrhaphiophobic person is highly competitive and was encouraged to avoid failure or defeat at any cost.
v  Maybe this person was highly sensitive to the peer pressure that we all experience in our school years and a phobia developed over the years.

Symptoms of Kakorrhaphiophobia:
v  A feeling of uncontrollable anxiety when you think about or are exposed to failure or defeat
v  The feeling that you must do everything possible to avoid failure or defeat
v  The inability to function normally because of your anxiety
v  Often, the knowledge that your fear are unreasonable or exaggerated but feeling powerless to control them.

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