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July 15, 2015

Motivate Your Self

 self motivation

There is this boy in a certain school. This boy has a fascination towards soccer and always practised his level best but was never selected for the final team but he never left his practise and hope.

When ever he is there for practise, he was accompanied by his father who used to sit in the same seat till his practice is finished.

The final year came and the final selections for the team is near and the practice is at its peak.

When there are still 4 days left for the selections and match, the boy suddenly stopped coming to the practice and the coach was not informed priorly about it.

The selections day came and the match will be in the afternoon and suddenly the boy appeared from no where before the coach and asked a place for him.

Now the coach said "son, I had better players and you are not here for the practice sessions and how can u expect me to take you in, I cant go against my better judgement and I cannot take you in".

The Boy pleaded like anything and almost is on the feet of his coach begging a place for him. Now the coach never had seen anyone plead like that and said "son, okay I can give you a chance for the first half and you got to prove your abilities and never forget that the reputation of the school is at risk, this is the first time I am going against my better judgement"

The Boy thanked him and got into the finals.

The match started.

The boy played like a house on fire and he converted every ball that came to him into a goal. needless to say, the team won the match for the first time in their history and the boy was awarded the player of the tournament award .

When he came to the coach ,the coach asked him "son where have I went wrong all these days, how am I wrong in my judgement about you all these days , how did you play so well, what motivated you "

The boy replied "sir my father is watching me"

"Where is he watching from, whenever you made a goal I looked for your father and he is no where to be seen" said the coach with a surprised tone.

"Sir, there is one thing that you dont know, my father is blind by birth. he is just here to motivate me. four days back he DIED and for the very first time he is watching me from there" and pointed his finger to the sky with tears in his eyes.

"Thats what motivated me and made me play so well".

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