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July 10, 2015

Phagophobia Psychology specialty Counseling Center in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu

 Phagophobia, fear of eating

Phagophobia:- fear of eating
Food, medicine and water and three things vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are all typically ingested on a daily basis. Now, imagine being unable to consume any of these items due to an extreme fear of swallowing. This is described as Phagophobia, an irrational fear of swallowing that usually triggers an extremely strong gag reflex in a person.

Symptoms of Phagophobia:
v  Inability to take most oral medications, most specifically pills.
v  A sudden disinterest in most foods or liquids.
v  Severe weight loss.
v  Increase in general anxiety or depression.
v  Forced anorexia.

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