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July 10, 2015

Pyrophobia Psychology Specialty Counseling Center in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu

Pyrophobia, fear of fire

Pyrophobia: fear of fire
The way we react to the classical element of Fire is entirely dependent on the situation it is presented to us. Think about the different situations fire can appear in your own home. In a fireplace, it creates heat that allows you to survive comfortably. However, if the fire were able to escape and appear on your floor, it may create a feeling of panic or terror. Through human nature, we are able to see the positive and negative aspects of an open flame and understand the feelings of joy or terror it can create within us. For some, fire is strictly a source of crippling fear that is often uncontrollable, which may begin to negatively impact your social life. Pyrophobia deals with the fear of fire, regardless of the situation it is presented to us through.

Symptoms of Pyrophobia:
v  People with pyrophobic may feel dizzy, perspire, or queasy whenever they see fire no matter how small and tame the fire is. Someone with severe pyrophobia may also begin to tremble, lose his/her breath, feel nauseous, feel trap, have his/her mouth dry, or even fainted around fire.
v  Pyrophobic people wish to stay as far as possible with the source of fire, and only feel safe when they have done so. These symptoms of pyrophobia may be a strain in people’s social life, for example, when attend a festival enlivened by some firework displays or a birthday party displaying birthday cake full of candles.

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