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July 10, 2015

Spectrophobia Psychology Specialty Counseling Center in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu

 Spectrophobia, Fear of ghost, fear of looking in a mirror

Spectrophobia:- fear of looking in a mirror
Looking into a mirror to see our own reflection is something that each of us do several times each day. Whether gazing at our own appearance was intended or not, it happens constantly and almost entirely randomly as there are reflective surfaces all around us. Spectrophobia is a severe fear of mirrors or of reflections, usually of themselves. This phobia may also include an extreme fear of ghosts or spirits.

Causes of Spectrophobia:
Causes behind spectrophobia depend on the specific fear that the phobia relates to. If a person is suffering from an abnormal fear of mirrors or their own personal reflection, there is likely a underlying fear of self knowledge. These people may be afraid to see what they look like for fear of personal criticism or another fear of exhibitionism.

Sympptoms of Spectrophobia:
v  In both cases, sufferers will experience symptoms similar to those that accompany situations of extreme anxiety or panic attacks. A person may feel nauseous or dizzy in stressful situations and be unable to think clearly or even formulate words. Their heart rate will also increase, as will their blood pressure, and they may even desire to, or actually flee, the stressful situation. Luckily, many therapy methods have had proven success in treating spectrophobia.
v  If spectrophobia is starting to negatively impact your personal life and relationships, it may be time to seek out professional treatment options. A positive internal motivation for change is the most useful tool in overcoming your fear and it is never too late to begin treatment.

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