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September 21, 2011

Overcome from Loneliness - Psychological Counseling

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Loneliness – that painful feeling of isolation from others – is familiar to most students. It takes different forms in different people. Some feel lonely when they are excluded by an individual or a group (social loneliness); other people feel lonely when they have no one to talk to about their deepest concerns, or with whom to build a close personal relationship (emotional loneliness).

Loneliness is different from solitude: we choose solitude for an opportunity to be still or to reflect on our lives.

Being alone doesn’t automatically mean loneliness – many people enjoy it. We experience loneliness as an involuntary lack of connectedness to others. And you can feel lonely in a group or a crowd. You can also feel lonely with a partner, best friend, or family member.

  • Separation from family and friends
  • New and unfamiliar surroundings
  • Shyness
  • The break-up of a relationship
  • Fear of rejection or repeated relationship disappointments
  • Absence of people who understand you, your interests or experiences

  • Poorer academic performance resulting from decreased self-confidence
  • The (false) assumption that others are evaluating you negatively
  • Unrealistic expectations, like thinking everyone should like or include you
  • Difficulty introducing yourself, making phone calls, or participating in group
  • Activities
  • Dependence on others to build your self-esteem and initiate activities
  • The possibility of becoming more isolated, withdrawn, angry, unhappy

Become an observer
Notice when loneliness hits you (what times of day; holidays, anniversaries, birthdays) and plan to be busy during these times. Watch for behaviour that perpetuates your loneliness, and ways you put up barriers to others.

Psychological Counselling helps to cope up with loneliness.

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