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September 20, 2011

Psychological Counseling for Women's Issues

 female psychologist counseling in chennai

Women's Issues     
 “The Psychologist” Psychological Counseling Center, provide specialized psychological and educational services for women. It is our pledge to work with individual women, families, and organizations in a safe, supportive, and therapeutic manner.
Ø  Counseling Services - individual, relationship, family, and group therapy with counseling planning and implementation.
Ø  Assessment Services - evaluations, personality, career, and work readiness with counseling planning and implementation.
Ø  Consultation Services - staff development, communication skills training, team building, and conflict management.
Ø  Workshops - mental health wellness, parenting classes, life management, couples communications skills, anger/forgiveness, and spirituality.

PPCC offers women specialized, intensive outpatient therapy unique to the individual woman. The philosophy at PPCC reflects that the world changes when we change; that the world softens when we soften; and that the world loves us when we as women choose to love ourselves and the world around us

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