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March 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Marriage???

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Getting Ready for Marriage???

Marriage is honorable and such a relationship should not be entered with a lack of preparation. Each and every person having there own desire about the marriage. Some people will get what they are expecting; some people will not get it. This premarital counseling will helpful to handle both the situations.

Following suggestion will helpful to start your life with full of joy and confident:

  • Love your spouse and let them know it.
  • Always keep appointments with your couple.
  • Be gentle in all your decision with you spouse.
  • Share you feeling without any hiding.
  • Understand each other.
  • Tell you sexual feeling without any fear or shameless.
  • Try to adjust the unexpected situation.
  • We can never be fully prepared for what might come, but we can prepare ourselves that when something comes.
  • Both of them can share household duties.
  • Try to solve the problem in the same day.
  • Support and care each other.
  • Try to understand your spouse feelings and thoughts.
  • Build Tolerance.
  • Trust each other.
  • Prepare your self by both mentally and physically.

  • Don’t expect too much about your spouse.
  • Avoid complex.
  • Don’t get angry for silly things.
  • Always don’t be doubtful to your spouse attitude.
  • Avoid illegal relation.
  • Don’t dominant your spouse.
  • Don’t come late from office; if not possible inform it on correct time.

Marriage is not an agreement
Marriage is not a compulsion
 Marriage is not an unavoidable situation in your life
Marriage is a wonderful feeling
Feel your feeling with your spouse.

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