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May 2, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCPD - A Interview with Psychological Specialist Dr.D.Senthil Kumar

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  -
A interview with Psychological Specialist Dr.D.Senthil Kumar

Deva : What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD?
Doctor D.S.K: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an Anxiety disorder characterized by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and behavior you feel compelled to perform. Briefly, Obsessive mean disturbing thoughts and compulsion mean repetitive behaviors that the reason person feels driven to perform. Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behavior – Behavior or Thoughts are Senseless or Excessive. This also called Obscessive Compulsive Personality Disorder – OCPD.

Deva: Can I have some examples for Obsessive and Compulsion?
Doctor D.S.K: Sure,
Obsession includes concern with contamination,
unwanted acts of aggression,
unacceptable sexual and religious thoughts and the need for exactness.
Compulsion includes excessive cleaning, checking, ordering, counting and repeating routine activities.

Deva: Is there any chances to get only obsessive or Compulsion?
Doctor D.S.K: Yes, Some person gets only Obsessive thoughts and some person gets only Compulsion behavior.

Deva: What are symptoms for Obsessive?
Doctor D.S.K: There are many Obsessive thoughts  some Common obsessive thoughts are,
Fear of germs, dirt and contaminating others.
Fear of causing harm to yourself or others.
Fear of losing, you might need.
Order or Symmetry.
Excessive focus on religious or moral.
Sexually violent thoughts and images.
Superstitious thoughts.

Deva : What are symptoms for Compulsion?
Doctor D.S.K:  Not able to answer briefly because many peoples have different  type of compulsions. But some common Symptoms of the Compulsion is
Double checking of things, for example lock, switches, stove.
Spending a lot of time to wash and cleaning.
Ordering or arranging things “just so”.
Counting, repeating certain words or doing senseless things to reduce anxiety.
Praying excessively.

Deva: How you treat the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder cases?
Doctor D.S.K:  we are using Following treatment to manage the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with successful results.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: CBT involves two main components.               
Main one is Exposure and response prevention: It involves repeated exposure to your obsession. After that you asked to refrain from the compulsive behavior to reduce your anxiety. For example, leaving the house and checking the lock only once (exposure), without going back and checking again (ritual prevention). So this therapy teaches you to not checking the lock at all or again and again.

Second one is  Cognitive Therapy: This cognitive therapy teaching you to responding to you obsessive thoughts without resorting to compulsive behavior.

Family Therapy: we are providing counseling and guidance for the family members of the OCD sufferer. This helps family members  to understand about the OCPD patients.  They helps OCD sufferer to overcome from their problem very rapidly

Deva: Can I have some self help techniques?
Doctor D.S.K: The basic self help techniques are:
Refocus you attention, when you’re experiencing OCD thoughts and urges.
Write down your obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior. Just go through it daily, it helpful to reduce your obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior.
Create your OCT period, don’t avoid that just postponed that. After some trail you will lose the focus on that.
Practice some relaxation techniques.
Have enough sleep.
Adopt healthy eating habits.
Keep Regular exercise.
Try to avoid alcohol and nicotine.
Have connection with family and friends.
Possible join an OCD support group.

Deva: Please share your clinical experience to treat OCD cases.
Doctor D.S.K: Ya sure, We treat many OCPD cases Psychological Counseling with Psychotherapy and with help of Symptomatic Homeopathic Medicines. Because of using combined therapy like Cognitive Behavior Therapy along with Symptomatic Homeopathic medicines we get successful results

Deva: How can we contact you?
Doctor D.S.K: Our branches are at Chennai, Pondicherry and Panruti. You can fix appointment by calling 9786901830, We are providing one to one care for each and every cases. And we maintain professional secrecy also. So the sufferer can share their problems wit out any hesitation.


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