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July 5, 2013

Stress Management Psychological Counseling at Velachery, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

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Stress Management
Once you learn to recognize stress, then you will be much better able to use coping strategies to relieve your stress and ease your tension. Although it is natural to feel anxious or "stressed out" sometimes, anxiety or prolonged stress, or stress that goes ignored can be unhealthy. However, you can learn how to recognize both the physical and the emotional signs of stress and anxiety.

Physical Signs of a Stress Response
v  Increased or irregular blood pressure
v  Insomnia
v  Tight muscles
v  Restlessness
v  Shallow, rapid breathing
v  Blurred vision
v  High voice
v  Change in blood sugar
v  Tight throat
v  Cold extremities
v  Elevated cholesterol
v  Sweating
v  Breathing difficulties
v  Rapid pulse        
v  Headache
v  Digestive upset
v  Weight change
v  Lack of energy
v  Back or neck ache
v  Knot in stomach
Emotional Signs of a Stress Response
ü  Irritability
ü  Forgetfulness
ü  Boredom
ü  Feeling of ‘emptiness'
ü  Anxiety    
ü  Decreased libido
ü  Lowered psychological resistance
ü  Feeling hopeless or helpless
ü  Discouragement
ü  Fear       
ü  Anger
ü  Confusion
ü  Worrying
ü  Lack of concentration

Having read some of the physical and emotional signs of stress,
Can you think back to times when you have felt stress? 

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