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November 14, 2013

Phobia - Psychological Counseling in Chennai, Tamil nadu

Phobias - Psychological Counseling at Chennai - Pondicherry & Panruti

A phobia is a persistent and irrational fear of a certain object, animal, activity, or situation that poses little to no actual danger.

Specific phobias are a type of anxiety disorder in which a person may feel extremely anxious or has a pannic attack when exposed to the object of fear. Specific phobias are one of the most common psychiatric disorders, affecting up to 10% of people.

Common phobias include the fear of:
·         Blood, injections, and other medical procedures
·         Certain animals (for instance, dogs or snakes)
·         Enclosed spaces
·         Flying
·         High places
·         Insects or spiders
·         Lightning

·         Being exposed to the feared object, or even thinking about being exposed to it causes an anxiety reaction.
·         This fear or anxiety is much stronger than the real threat.
·         You may sweat excessively, have problems controlling your muscles or actions, or have a fast heart rate.
·         You will avoid situations in which you may come into contact with the feared object or animal -- for example, avoiding driving through tunnels, if tunnels are the subject of your phobia. This type of avoidance can interfere with your job and social life.
·         You may feel weak or cowardly and lose self-esteem when avoiding the object of the phobia.

Counseling and Psychotherapy is the efficient method to treat Phobias

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