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June 25, 2015

Clinomania Psychological counseling centre in velachery

 Clinomania Psychological treatment

Clinomania: excessive desire to stay in bed          
There are numerous illnesses, diseases and disorders that can lead to tiredness, but clinomania is different. Clinomania comes from Greek meaning the obsession of sleeping. In other words it is love to bed, pillows and blankets.Clinomania causes by different things like sleeping disorder, drugs, depression etc.

Few Symptoms of Clinomania:
v  After a long tiring day, you just want to be in your bed.
v  Whenever you see your bed, you can feel its warmth and seems you were longing for it.
v  Getting into it gives you immense pleasure
v  Feelings that are exploding with joy and happiness
v  You often appreciate your bed more than anything or to anyone in life.
v  Bed is the sole being where you rely on for emotional comfort or when you are emotional
v  All you know is your bed and you feel like you don’t need to be the part of the society.

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