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June 25, 2015

Bibliomania Psychological counseling centre in velachery

 Bibliomania psychological treatment

Bibliomania:- craze for books or reading
Bibliomania is a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder where the patient compulsively collects books. The books bought are generally not even looked but are simply bought and hoarded. Multiple copies of the same book are often bought. The quantity of books collected usually far exceeds and useful purpose. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Bibliomania is available below.

·         Obsessive collection of books
·         Collects wrong and worthless books
·         Purchasing multiple copies of the same book
·         Accumulation of books beyond possible capacity of use or enjoyment
·         Collecting books out of fashion
·         Unnecessarily large collection of books
·         Feelings of relief upon collecting books
·         Reduced anxiety brought on by collecting books

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