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July 1, 2015

Acarophobia psychology specialty counseling centre in velachery, Chennai, tamil nadu


Acarophobia: fear of itching or of insects causing itching

Acarophobia is a phobia that probably has its roots in some type of childhood experience that was felt to be traumatic and evolved into a full blown phobia The symptoms of Acarophobia can include nausea, dizziness, itching for no real reason difficulty breathing, shaking and panic attacks.

Acarophobia can interfere a great deal with a person’s life keeping them “on alert” to keep their living area, office area, etc. bug free. They are likely to avoid any outdoor activities where a bug might lurk. This severe phobia can make it difficult if not impossible to engage in mutual relationships. It is also possible that the mere thought of these insects can result in significant anxiety symptoms. If the Acarophobic is apparent, it is possible that the children will also develop Acarophobia.

Symptoms of Acarophobia:
v  Complaining constantly about being bitten by bugs
v  Excessive cleaning
v  Different degrees of self mutilation
v  Social isolation
v  Frequent visits to doctors
v  Obesity and physical inactivity
v  Constantly searching on the Internet to self-validate their beliefs about insects.
v  Physical symptoms like nausea, shaking, trembling, headaches, crying, screaming at the sight of bugs. Going to great lengths to avoid bugs and insects.

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