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July 1, 2015

Phobia psychology specialty counseling centre in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu


Phobia: A phobia is defined as an irrational, intense fear of an object or situation that poses little or no actual danger. At first glance, a phobia may seem similar to a normal fear, but it's is the degree to which a person is affected that determines whether that fear has become a phobia.

Understanding your phobia is the first step to overcoming it. It’s important to know that phobias are common. Having a phobia doesn’t mean you’re crazy! It also helps to know that phobias are highly treatable. You can overcome your anxiety and fear, no matter how out of control it feels.

Social and specific phobias sometimes run in families, providing evidence of a genetic connection. Some people are born with a predisposition towards anxiety, which makes them particularly susceptible to developing phobias.

Symptoms of phobia:
Panic attack is common in people with agoraphobia, social phobia, and specific phobia. Symptoms experienced during a panic attack include the following:
v  Abdominal distress
v  Chest pain or discomfort
v  Chills or hot flashes
v  Fear of dying
v  Fear of losing control or going crazy
v  Feeling faint, dizzy, lightheaded, unsteady
v  Feeling of choking
v  Feeling of unreality or of being detached from oneself
v  Numbness or tingling sensations
v  Palpitations, pounding heart, racing heartbeat
v  Shortness of breath, feeling smothered
v  Sweating
v  Trembling or shaking
Some people with agoraphobia become fearful of having a panic attack in any public place or situation and eventually fear and avoid leaving their home. Some are capable of leaving home only with someone they trust. Others become completely housebound. Those who are housebound can suffer severe anxiety or nervousness even inside their home.

List of Phobia:
v  Acarophobia:- fear of itching or of insects causing itching
v  Acrophobia:-   fear of heights
v  Aerophobia:-  fear of flying or draughts
v  Agoraphobia:- fear of open spaces
v  Agyiophobia:- fear of crossing busy streets
v  Aichmophobia:- fear of sharp or pointed objects
v  Ailurophobia:- fear of cats
v  Algophobia:-   fear of pain
v  Amathophobia:-fear of dust
v  Amaxophobia:- fear of riding in a car
v  Ambulophobia:- fear of walking
v  Anglophobia:- fear of England or the English
v  Anthrophobia:-fear of humans
v  Anuptaphobia:-fear of staying single
v  Aquaphobia:- fear of water
v  Arachibutyrophobia:- fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
v  Arachnophobia:- fear of spiders
v  Astraphobia:- fear of being struck by lightning
v  Astrapophobia:- fear of thunder and lightning
v  Automysophobia:- fear of being dirty
v  Autophobia:- fear of solitude
v  Ballistophobia:- fear of missiles
v  Bathophobia:- fear of falling from a high place
v  Batophobia:- fear of heights or being close to tall buildings
v  Batrachophobia:- fear of frogs and toads
v  Belonephobia:- fear of pins and needles
v  Bibliophobia:- fear of books
v  Blennophobia:- fear of slime
v  Brontophobia:- fear of thunder and lightning
v  Cancerophobia:- fear of cancer
v  Cathisophobia:- fear of sitting
v  Cenophobia:- fear of empty spaces
v  Chrematophobia:- fear of money
v  Cibophobia:- fear of or distaste for food
v  Claustrophobia:- fear of closed spaces
v  Climacophobia:- fear of falling down stairs
v  Clinophobia:-  fear of staying in bed
v  Cremnophobia:-fear of cliffs and precipices
v  Cyberphobia:- fear of computers
v  Cynophobia:-  fear of dogs
v  Dromophobia:- fear of crossing streets
v  Dysmorphophobia:- fear of physical deformities
v  Ecophobia:- fear of home
v  Eleutherophobia:- fear of freedom
v  Eosophobia:- fear of dawn
v  Ergasiophobia:- fear of work
v  Ergophobia:- fear of work
v  Erotophobia:- fear of sex
v  Erythrophobia:- fear of red lights or of blushing
v  Euphobia:- fear of good news
v  Francophobia:-fear of France or the French
v  Gallophobia:-  fear of France or the French
v  Gamophobia:- fear of marriage
v  Geniophobia:- fear of chins
v  Genophobia:-  fear of sex
v  Gerascophobia:- fear of growing old
v  Graphophobia:- fear of writing
v  Gymnophobia:- fear of nudity
v  Heliophobia:-  fear of sunlight
v  Herpetophobia:- fear of snakes
v  Hierophobia:- fear of sacred things
v  Homichlophobia:- fear of fog
v  Homophobia:- fear of homosexuals
v  Hydrophobia:- fear of water
v  Hypsophobia:- fear of high places
v  Iatrophobia:-  fear of going to the doctor
v  Iconophobia:- fear or hatred of images
v  Kainotophobia:- fear of change
v  Kakorrhaphiophobia:- fear of failure
v  Kenophobia:- fear of empty spaces
v  Ligyrophobia:- fear of loud noises
v  Linonophobia:- fear of string
v  Lygophobia:-  fear of darkness
v  Lyssophobia:- fear of hydrophobia
v  Macrophobia:- fear of prolonged waiting
v  Metrophobia:- fear of poetry
v  Monophobia:-  fear of being alone
v  Muriphobia:-   fear of mice
v  Myophobia:-   fear of mice
v  Mysophobia:-  fear of contamination or dirt
v  Nebulaphobia:- fear of fog
v  Necrophobia:- fear of corpses
v  Negrophobia:- fear of blacks
v  Neophobia:- fear of novelty
v  Nosophobia:-  fear of disease
v  Novercaphobia:- fear of one's stepmother
v  Nyctophobia:- fear of the night or darkness
v  Ochlophobia:- fear of crowds
v  Oenophobia:-  fear or hatred of wine
v  Ombrophobia:- fear of rain
v  Onomatophobia:- fear of hearing a certain word
v  Ophidiophobia:- fear of snakes
v  Ophthalmophobia:- fear of being stared at
v  Optophobia:- fear of opening one’s eyes
v  Ornithophobia:- fear of birds
v  Paedophobia:- fear of children; fear of dolls
v  Panophobia:-  melancholia marked by groundless fears
v  Pantophobia:- fear of everything
v  Parthophobia:- fear of virgins
v  Pathophobia:- fear of disease
v  Pediculophobia:- fear of lice
v  Pentheraphobia:- fear or hatred of one’s mother-in-law
v  Phagophobia:- fear of eating
v  Phengophobia:- fear of daylight
v  Phonophobia:- fear of noise or of speaking aloud
v  Photophobia:- fear of light
v  Pogonophobia:- fear of beards
v  Psychrophobia:- fear of the cold
v  Pteronophobia:- fear of being tickled by feathers
v  Pyrophobia:-  fear of fire
v  Russophobia:- fear of Russia or Russians
v  Satanophobia:- fear of the devil
v  Sciaphobia:-   fear of shadows
v  Scopophobia:- fear of being looked at
v  Scoptophobia:- fear of being looked at
v  Scotophobia:- fear of the dark
v  Sitiophobia:-   fear of food
v  Sitophobia:-    fear of food or eating
v  Spectrophobia:- fear of looking in a mirror
v  Symmetrophobia:- fear of symmetry
v  Syphilophobia:- fear of syphilis
v  Taphephobia:- fear of being buried alive
v  Technophobia:- fear of technology
v  Thalassophobia:- fear of the sea
v  Thanatophobia:- fear of death
v  Theophobia:-  fear of God
v  Tocophobia:-  fear of pregnancy or childbirth
v  Tonitrophobia:- fear of thunder
v  Topophobia:-  fear of performing; fear of certain places
v  Toxicophobia:- fear of poisoning
v  Toxiphobia:- fear of poison or being poisoned
v  Triskaidekaphobia:- fear of the number thirteen
v  Uranophobia:- fear of heaven
v  Xenophobia:-  fear of foreigners
v  Zelophobia:-   fear of jealousy
v  Zoophobia:-    fear of animals

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