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July 4, 2015

Erotophobia psychology specialty counseling center in velachery, chennai, tamil nadu


Erotophobia:- Fear of sex
Erotophobia is a generalized term that encompasses a wide range of specific fears. It's generally understood to include any phobia that is related to sex. Erotophobia is often complex, and many sufferers have more than one specific fear. Untreated erotophobia can be devastating and may lead sufferers to avoid not only romantic relationships, but also other forms of intimate contact.

Symptoms of Wrotophobia:
v  Shortness of breath
v  Rapid breathing
v  Irregular heartbeat
v  Increased perspiration
v  Nausea
v  Overall feelings of dread in regards to sex

Causes of Erotophobia:
As a highly personalized fear, erotophobia may have innumerable causes. In some cases, it may be difficult or impossible to pinpoint a specific cause. Nonetheless, some people may be at a higher risk due to past or current events in their lives.

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