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December 3, 2016

How to Gain Confidence

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Keep the glass half full, not half empty.
When we think about something we want, a necessary part of that is realizing we don't have it. That can turn into a whirlwind of negativity, starting us down the path of self-pity, lethargy, and ending in a box of w(h)ine. Don't go there! Think about what you do have, what you're grateful for. Only then can you make what you have better.
v  Make of list of 10 things you have and are thankful for. Go through it every day (and then come up with another one when you think of more). Focusing on what you have done, made, and are will instill in you a sense of confidence. When your attitude is, "Heck yeah, I can do this!" (looking at your past accomplishments will prove to you you can!) it makes the goal a lot easier to reach.

Find out just what you need to do.
Let's say, for example, that you want to become an actor. That's great! ...But where do you get started? Not knowing the first thing about how to do something can be very intimidating and stop you dead in your tracks. Dream automatically crushed. But when you know the path you need to take, it's a lot easier to hop on.
v  Tap into your resources. With technology, you have the veritable world at your fingertips. That's code for "you have no excuses." Ask friends, acquaintances, people that look like they've done it on the street -- doesn't matter. Do your research online and figure out the best, most efficient way to get done what you need done. You'll end up feeling like an expert and the knowledge will ease your mind. This will usher out the worry and negative self-talk and bring in the confidence and go-getting attitude.

Surround yourself with positivity.
The world is full of naysayers. You could say, "Tomorrow I'm going to breathe all day!" and you'd be able to find someone who would bet you $10 you won't do it. It's best just to avoid these people. They're miserable and don't deserve your attention.
v  Okay, these people can be helpful in very, very, very small amounts. If you do find yourself next to that negative Nancy and you can't escape her, let her fuel your fire. Let her burn you up inside until you have no choice but to do the exact thing she thinks you're not capable of. Her defiance of your ability can lead to just the right amount of adrenaline and determination you need to get the job done. Maybe one day you'll be able to thank her! Gosh, wouldn't you both just love that.

Start small.
There's no way having a goal of "becoming world famous" or "losing 75 pounds by winter" or even "mastering the clarinet" are ever going to happen easily. Alright, so maybe those are a bit extreme, but you get the point. Having a goal that just isn't going to happen will turn you off and keep you from being successful.
v  Instead of becoming world famous, losing a ton of weight, or mastering the clarinet, opt for having a successful YouTube channel, losing 10 pounds this month, or playing a classical piece on the clarinet. All these things are working toward these super-massive goals, but they're doable. Doable is something you can stick to.
v  Start small in the mornings. If you have a list of tasks, you may find it beneficial to start with the smallest one. This gets the ball rolling and eases you in to the harder parts of the day. Getting going really is half the battle.

Use visualization.
For a few minutes each day, sit down and visualize obtaining your goal. Visualize having it. Being it, doing it, achieving it, whatever. What does it feel like? After the few minutes are up, how do you feel?
v  Make sure to use all your senses. What do you taste, smell, see, feel, and hear? What is life truly like? What adjectives can you use to describe this new life of yours? Work in the details to make it as clear as possible. Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing? How do you look? Who is with you?

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